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Topics specific to the interactive visualization tool for naivigating the map and exploring the data.

Deployment Options

Postby donpellegrino » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:23 am

The source code for the visualization tool is available from the source control management system on-line at ... t/cgit.cgi. The commit tab in the cgit interface includes links to download the latest version in zip and tarball formats ( ... 05/commit/). I used GNU Autotools to manage the build process. Autotools are very helpful to support cross-platform compilation but the expertise needed to use it well is not pervasive outside the community of programmers.

To make the tool accessible to a wider audience I have been putting some thought into the best way to distribute the system. For performance and compatibility reasons the OpenGL API is very useful for development. This API is in many ways tied to the video drivers on the client which has the advantage of providing sophisticated options to improve performance but the disadvantage that it is not well supported by web technologies. A good balance might be to develop a browser plug-in. This would integrate the installation process with the browser experience yet still make the full power of the client and OpenGL available for programming. An example for using OpenGL as a Firefox Plug-in is on-line at id Software's Quake Live system is a great proof of concept for this technique as it appears to support a large user base and meet the performance criteria (
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