Acronym List: IBM HTTP Server
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Acronym List

ACL: access control list
API: application programming interface
APXS: APache eXtenSion
ASCII: American National Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASN.1: abstract syntax notation one
BER: Basic encoding rules
CA: certificate authority
CGI: Common Gateway Interface
CLF: Common Log Format
CMS: conversational monitor system
CRL: certificate revocation list
DAP: Directory Access Protocol
DCE: Distributed Computing Environment
DES: Data Encryption Standard
DFS: distributed File System
DLC: data link control
DLL: dynamic link library
DN: distinguished name
DNS: Domain Name System
DSO: dynamic shared object
ECLF: Extended Common Log Format
FastCGI: Fast Common Gateway Interface Protocol
FIPS: Federal Information Processing Standard
FRCA: Fast Response Cache Accelerator
HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPS: Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure
IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission
IETF: Internet Engineering Task Force
IP: Internet Protocol
ISO: International Organization for Standardization
ITU: International Telecommunication Union
JDK: Java Development Kit
JRE: Java Runtime Environment
JVM: Java Virtual Machine
LAN: local area network
LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LSP: Layered Service Provider
MAC: message authentication code
MIB: Management Information Base
MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology
NFS: Network File System
NLS: National Language Support
OID: Object ID
OSI: Open Systems Interconnection
PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect
PIN: personal identification number
PKI: public key infrastructure
PPP: Pont-to-Point Protocol
SCSI: Small Computer System Interface
SHA: Secure Hash Algorithm
SIDD: session ID cache daemon
SMI: Structure of Management Information
SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol
SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SSI: server-side includes
SSL: Secure Sockets Layer
TCL: transmission control layer
TCP: Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
UDP: User Datagram Protocol
V-CLF: Common Log Format with virtual host information
V-ECLF: Extended Common Log Format with virtual host information
WebDAV: Web-based distributed authoring and versioning

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