Using the SNMP MIB: IBM HTTP Server
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Pertains to UNIX users

Using the Simple Network Management Protocol Management Information Base: apScoreBoardGroup

This section provides information on the apScoreBoardGroup management information base (MIB). This information includes how to get the collection of objects that comprise this MIB, how to identify object availability, and associated notes Note:. Links to related information appear at the end of this section.

Getting the apScoreBoardProcessId Management Information Base object

Note: The Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems do not support this Management Information Base (MIB) object.

Get the entire Service table using WALK or GETNEXT

Get each individual process ID using GET for each object ID (OID), followed by the process count. The process count represents the number of IBM HTTP Server processes created. For example:

  • GET - first process ID
  • GET - second process ID
  • GET - third process ID
  • GET - nth process ID

Object ID
Process ID

Pertains to UNIX users Pertains to Windows NT users Pertains to Windows 2000 users

Getting the apScoreBoardStatus Management Information Base object

Note: On the UNIX platform, the status code for each object ID represents each process status ID. On the Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems, the status code represents the status of each thread.

Get the entire Service table by using WALK or GETNEXT

Object ID
Status Code

Status Codes:

0 - Dead
1 - Starting
2 - Ready
3 - Read
4 - Write

5 - KeepAlive
6 - Log
7 - DNS
8 - Graceful

Identifying Management Information Base object availability status

The following MIB objects are not available:

  • apScoreBoardAccessBytes
  • apScoreBoardAccessCount
  • apScoreBoardClient
  • apScoreBoardRequest
  • apScoreBoardStartTime
  • apScoreBoardVirtualHost

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